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Outside the technical chart: the resistance of gold on the short line is 1789

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The gold price of

K图 GC00Y_0

gold was approved to bounce back, and the black mark of moving average showed that the price might go up further.

The picture shows the 30 minute trend of gold. The price has broken through the negative channel and has been on track for a short time. It is approaching the resistance near the front high of 1789. If the price breaks through the resistance, you can see Fibonacci's 123.6% callback level of 1796.

If the price is blocked and falls back, Anhui fast three lottery query, agree to see the rising trend line, followed by Fibonacci 61.8% callback level 1777.

Not pleasing to the eye: short term up, resistance see 1789. (if it falls below 1777, the unsightly point fails)


chart shows the daily trend of gold. The price keeps the 10 day moving average and reverses. The 10 day and 20 day moving average have formed a golden fork and are inclined upward, which is a rising signal for gold. At the same time, the RSI index is still a distance from the overbought degree. The black shows that there is room for gold to rise, and the above key resistance is shown at the 1800 integer gate.

If prices fall back, see the 10 and 20 day moving average, followed by 1747 degrees along the interval.

Unpleasantness: daily line up, resistance see 1800. (if it falls below 1747, the unsightly point fails)


multi cycle technical signals show that the market sentiment is expected to fall in the short-term (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 infant), the middle line is expected to rise (daily line), and the long-term is expected to rise (weekly line and monthly line).

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